Cobanding is for the music community


The Cobanding Concept has been in development since early 2013.

The Cobanding Concept is to bring together a global music community to embrace the core values of Community, Accessibility and Collaboration.

James Roten the founder of Raven Office Centers and numerous other tech startups such as SpaceMXRaven Cloud ComputingCoinJabber and first coined the term Cobanding in early 2013.

The Concept came from a journey as a Musician with expertise in the Executive Offices, Coworking and Tech industries to find a band rehearsal space. Though there are many rehearsal studios out there each of them have their own unique challenges. The values of Community, Accessibility and Collaboration were missing. There was an unfulfilled need in the music community.

The journey led to Gulch Alley Studios where James Roten met the founder of a boutique Music Studio Jesse Ray Smith in late 2013. Jesse is a long standing musician in the local San Francisco music scene with a strong passion for helping the music community. In 2014 Jesse started an initiative called Off The Record with the goal of bringing the music community together at local events in venues such as The Boom Boom Room in San Francisco with local bands such as The Bad Jones and Gold Minor headlining to collaborate and perform with local musicians in a live setting.

The Cobanding Movement officially launched in Sep 2015. The world's first Cobanding Music Community launched in San Francisco, California.

Similar to Coworking the Cobanding Movement does not have a formal power structure, though there are natural leaders in the movement, it is decentralized. It is an assembly of passionate like minded people that believe in the values of the Cobanding Concept and is driven by these people. The future of Cobanding will be shaped by the people who participate in the movement.

Cobanding is Coworking for the music community
— James Roten is not a company it’s a movement with a recognizable brand for the music community to use. With the brand comes the core set of values and a growing passionate community. To be part of the movement we ask all Cobanders to embrace these values as we so passionately do!

The Cobanding Core Values:

  1. CommunitySummon like minded people, bring them together via music to form local Cobanding communities
  2. AccessibilityConnect the communities via grass roots efforts and tech for easy access to local resources and professionals
  3. CollaborationEngage the community with local events, workshops & venue meetup's

Cobanding resources:

  • Summon the community for Q & A on the Cobanding Google Groups forum
  • Connect with the community and like Cobanding on facebook
  • Engage with the Cobanding community on twitter @cobanding
  • Share your favorite community pics on Instagram #cobanding
  • It's EASY & FREE to join! Just follow on twitter, like on facebook and tag on instagram to become part of the movement


  • Members gain access to exclusive members only events, meetup's and workshops hosted by local industry professionals
  • Gain access to creative rehearsal and recording studios that cater to the Cobanding community staffed with industry professionals to help you create or improve your projects
  • Expand your personal and professional networks
  • Find new fans, band members and industry professionals
  • Surround yourself with passionate, motivated people hobbyist and seasoned professionals alike

Be sure to use local music vendors and service providers that subscribe to the Cobanding core values.

Wanna gett involved in the Cobanding Movement? You may want to consider starting a local Cobanding Community in your town and listing it on

If your interested in becoming a contributor, a service provider or just have questions please use the contact us page.